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Pilot Tour: The Grone

November 2, 2018

Posted on: October 10, 2018

In a pilot tour of The Grone we would like to collect your feedback. What makes you happy?

The province of Groningen has many undiscovered hotspots. The Grone is an experience bus which will connect these touristic gems of Groningen. Discover the stories of the North in a unique way. But what are those stories? What do tourists want to see, hear, feel and experience? Which hidden gems should be shown? During the pilot tour we intend to bring along as many Groningers with a foreign background as possible. Students, expats, companies and perhaps you as well?! Together they see Groningen from a new perspective so they can help us create the route we want to start from the beginning of 2019. You can sign up for the pilot tour by sending us your motivation by e-mail. How do you believe we make tourists happy in Groningen?

The Grone

Experience the landscapes, stories and legends from the High North.

Can you tell me how well you know Groningen? Maybe you were born here and have already lived in this area for quite a long time. Or you are here as a tourist, student or ex-pat. No matter who you are and where you come from: did you know that the city and province of Groningen are full of inspiring stories and legends? Ancient and recent. From stories about brave men and women fighting their enemies or the force of the sea, to explorers searching for new and far horizons and scientists making revolutionary discoveries and creating new paradigms. From writers, poets, painters, preachers and musicians touching the ears, eyes and hearts, to entrepreneurs, engineers and farmers creating magnificent new economic opportunities. 

And above all: do you want to learn more about these people and this very distinctive piece of land in the High North? 

We think you may. So our best advice is: step into the Grone. The Grone is an elegantly shaped and very comfortable coach that gives you an overwhelming combination of real world and multimedia experience. Travel with us, get the feeling and become inspired. Travel through the past, present and future of Groningen. See beautiful landscapes, world heritages, national parks, structures and buildings while you experience stories and legends that will continue to inspire you long after. 

Our promise: you will discover the very heart, soul and beauty of Groningen and its remarkable people. Stubborn, proud, modest, visionary and… indomitable. Step into the Grone! 

Ready for take-off? Sign up at the link below.


Date: November 2, 2018


Time: 10:00 - 13:00


Location: Let's Gro bus stop, Grote Markt, Groningen


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