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Online session: ​Doing Your Dutch Taxes

June 24, 2021

On Thursday the 24th of June, the IWCN in collaboration with The TaxSavers, will be organizing an online informational session about doing your Dutch taxes.

Doing your Dutch taxes is not the easiest part of the year. Therefore, together with our partner The TaxSavers, we organized a webinar on the 26th of June (18.00 – 19.00) regarding the Dutch tax return. Our speakers of The TaxSavers will explain the Dutch tax system in a fun and interactive way to prepare you for filing your Dutch taxes! During this webinar, you can expect topics such as the 30% ruling, M-form, box system, and deductible items. In order to make this presentation an interactive session, you can ask your tax-related questions at the end of our webinar!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Please note that there is a maximum of 100 participants, and it’s first come first serve, so if you wish to attend, register as soon as possible.

Sign up here.

The TaxSavers has been set up to assist clients with the increasing demand in filing their tax returns. We make the tax return process transparent, and with our tips and advice, our clients become well-equipped for filing their returns in the future. We find it important that people understand their tax returns and no longer have to ‘Google’ on the internet to submit a flawless tax return.


Date: June 24, 2021


Time: 18:00-19:00


Location: online


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