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IWCN Webinar: To Rent or to Buy a House?

February 25, 2021

The IWCN in collaboration with FVB De Boer, will be organizing a webinar about renting or buying a house on Thursday 25 February 19:00. What’s best for you in the current Dutch housing market? 

How do you know whether renting or buying a property is more profitable for you? How do you make the choice between the two, and how do your finances impact this choice?

And once you’ve made your choice, what are your next steps?

It may feel overwhelming to get started to research your choices, and to find out about the financial aspects around these choices. Thankfully, in this webinar, IWCN partner FVB De Boer will tell you everything you need to know about hiring or buying a property in the Netherlands. Sign up for free to get access!

Signup: https://iwcn.nl/webinars/hiring-or-buying-a-house/?page=register


Date: February 25, 2021


Time: 19:00


Location: online


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