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IWCN Webinar – Dutch health insurance

October 11, 2022

On Tuesday 11 October, IWCN in collaboration with  Zorgverzekeringslijn will be organizing an online informational session about the Dutch health insurance.

As an international in the Netherlands, you probably already know that having a health insurance is obligatory. But does that also apply to international students? And exactly how does Dutch health insurance work? Do you need a Dutch or an international one? How do you choose the health insurance that’s best for you; and do you need all the add-on packages? Zorgverzekeringslijn will give an introduction about Dutch health insurance, in which situations you will need one and how to apply for one. After the presentation you will be able to ask questions.

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When: Tuesday 11 October 19:00 – 20:00

Where: Online

For who: Internationals living in The Netherlands

The speaker:

Gert-Jan Heinsman is a trainer and quality manager at Zorgwerzekeringslijn, an independent organisation which offers free advise and training sessions to individuals and organisations about Dutch Health Insurance and the Healthcare Insurance Act (Zvw).


Date: October 11, 2022


Time: 19:00-20:00


Location: Online


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IWCN webinar Dutch health insurance