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Guest event: English for professionals, RUG Language Centre

May 30, 2023

Are you interested in participating in meetings more effectively? Have you ever struggled presenting your work in public? Or do you want to know which writing style applies best to your official letters, policy briefs or business reports? Register for this course and learn how to communicate more confidently and spontaneously!

The specially designed sessions provide dynamic, practical and skills-based training for your career. Working in small groups and using a hands-on approach, you will improve your speaking and writing skills and strengthen your confidence to use English in various situations.

Depending on the needs and wishes of the group,  we may work on skills in the following areas:

  • discussion and debate
  • preparing and delivering short talks and presentations
  • effectively participating in meetings
  • developing writing skills for different audiences and in different contexts
  • increasing clarity, accuracy and coherence in written texts
  • improving overall writing skills based on your needs

Duration: 6 weeks
Study load: 12 x 2 contact hours + self-study (+/- 20 hours)
Audience: This course is intended for staff of the University of Groningen, the University Medical Center Groningen and the universities of applied sciences in the three northern provinces as well as business professionals who would like to improve their English speaking and writing skills. You can participate with a B2 level (CEFR) or higher.

Check the schedule and register here!

RUG Language Centre

Successful communication requires language skills and intercultural understanding. At the Language Centre, you can improve both. Our international team combines innovative teaching with practical experience. Let us help you achieve your learning goals in a tailor-made course, or join our fast-paced group lessons that will start you off in your target language from Day One. The Language Centre offers language courses in Dutch, English and many other languages. To get started learning Dutch, you can follow a free online introduction to Dutch course which starts multiple times a year!

We also offer unique intercultural competence training courses that can help you attain your personal and professional goals. Entrust your prose to our professional and experienced translations and text correction service. And finally, our testing service can help you document your proficiency.


Date: May 30, 2023


Time: 18:00 - 20:00


Location: Groningen


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