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Procedures for EU/EEA/Swiss

Highly-skilled employees and families

The accelerated formalities services of the International Welcome Center North are aimed at highly-skilled migrants and their families to reduce the burden of official governmental matters as much as possible. A highly-skilled migrant is defined by the Immigration Service as an employee who works for a recognized sponsor in the Netherlands on the basis of a work contract and fulfills specific age, salary and experience requirements.

For employees from the age of 30 upwards, a higher income requirement applies than for employees under the age of 30 or for those who have graduated in the Netherlands. The amounts are index-linked on a yearly basis. For 2017, the monthly gross income excluding vacation pay is €4.324 for employees 30 years and older, €3.170 for employees under 30, and €2.272 for a highly-skilled migrant employed during a job-seeking year for graduates/highly educated persons. For a EU-blue card holder, the amount is  €5.066.

This income requirement does not apply highly-skilled migrants performing scientific research or to physicians in training to become specialist. In that case, the income must at least meet the provisions listed in the Dutch Minimum Wage Act (wml).

A family member of a highly-skilled migrant is defined as a spouse, registered partner, or unmarried partner, and any minor children. Family members may also use the accelerated formalities services.