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Cycling survey and lesson

Posted on: September 13, 2017

With nearly as many bikes as people (13 million bikes for 16 million Dutch citizens), this flat country is made for cycling. Everyone, from grandparents to toddles, takes to the roads by bike. Women master the art of discreetly pedaling in skirts and stilettos, and it’s not unusual to see a man in an expensive suit cycling home from the office. The Dutchies use the bike for everything: to do the groceries, go to work or visit friends in the city. Biking is an essential part of life in the Netherlands, yet people from other countries and cultures might encounter various problems while on the wheels.

How do you feel about biking in the Netherlands? Do you find in practical? Or exciting? Or terrifying? Or possibly all of the above? No matter what your experience is, it matters and you are not alone. The Municipality of Groningen invites all internationals living in the area to participate in the study, created to gather information about biking experiences of international residents. The research focuses on biking rules, possible distractions and confusion one might face, and how traffic is experienced on the road. So, please take 5 minutes to fill in this questionnaire, your participation will add value and significance to the research!

The goal of the project is to create a better understanding and to increase tolerance on the cycling paths. Hopefully, the results of the research will help make the busy city of Groningen safer and more pleasant for biking internationals. On Thursday, 12 October, during the Healthy Aging Week, at 15:00 the research results will be presented, and this will be combined with the Cycling Lesson, designed especially for internationals. The location for the theoretical part will be announced later, and the practical part will take place at the Ossenmarkt.

Let’s make cycling safe and fun for everyone!