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Municipality of Ten Boer

Ten Boer is a small municipality situated in the beautiful countryside north of the city Groningen. Ten Boer is the main village in the municipality, surrounded by eight rustic villages. In 2013, 36 international employees lived in the municipality of Ten Boer with a growing trend for more.

Walking and Cycling
Ten Boer is only seven kilometres away from the ring of Groningen. Because it is situated so close to Groningen, most people use the bike as the main form of transport. However, the public transport system is also wonderful. You can go within 20 min by bus to the Central Station in Groningen. Ten Boer is a calm and safe municipality where children can play outside and even at a young age walk and bike to school. For recreational time, the Ten Boersterbos provides a nice scenery to walk and cycle.

Ten Boer provides plenty of facilities such schools, shops, churches, healthcare facilities, gyms and several other sport facilities.

Attractions and Sport
If you are seeking more activities, the churches host concerts on a regular basis on Sundays. Furthermore, Ten Boer has a nice swimming pool, an inline speed skating track and a multifunctional gym.



For more information visit: https://www.tenboer.nl/