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Municipality of Eemsmond

Eemsmond is a municipality situated in the northeast of the province of Groningen. Eemsmond is famous for its nature and the Eemshaven (Eems harbor). A welcome number of 68 international employees lived in the municipality of Eemsmond in 2013.

Nature, Culture and Museums
Eemsmond is famous for the Waddenzee (Wadden Sea), an area that holds a natural beauty and is a World Heritage Site. The dikes along the sea offer a historical and picturesque view of the sea for visitors.
Menkemaborg is a museum in Uithuizen, a fully furnished mansion with gardens, moats and promenades; the ensemble conveys a striking impression of life at a Groningen ‘borg’ in the 18th century. It was originally a 14th-century, brickhouse, which was dramatically altered around 1700 but has since been barely changed. Audiotapes in several languages can be used by visitors in order to learn how the people lived in early days. Also offered in in an open-air museum ‘Het Hoogeland’ is a terp village, in its original location in the village of Warffum. Visitors can learn the visual history of the people of more than 100 years ago as well as the view of the land its early stages.

One of the most remarkable places in the municipality is the Eemshaven. In recent years, the Eemshaven has developed into a bustling port where various Dutch and foreign companies have settled, including RWE Essent, Nuon, Bavaria and Google. Eemshaven is the ideal business location for many businesses.



For more information visit: https://www.eemsmond.nl/