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Hire international students or interns

    International students

    Offering a part-time job to an EU or a Non-EU international student with a student residence permit is relatively straightforward. This PDF document, produced by Nuffic, contains all you will need to know about the procedures involved when hiring an international student.

    As an employer wishing to hire an international student, you can use the flowchart to determine easily whether you need to apply for a work permit for persons outside the European Economic Area (TWV) and whether this will involve a straightforward or difficult TWV application. You will also see right away the number of hours international students are allowed to work.

    International interns

    Employers wishing to hire international students interns can use this PDF document, produced by Nuffic, to easily determine whether they need to apply for a work permit (TWV) and/or residence permit.


    A summary information sheet about students, working and internships called “Study Permit and Working: What are the options?” can be viewed here.