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Wij Verzekeren B.V.

Our insurance company is located in the heart of Groningen and is within walking distance of the IWCN. Our team consists of 9 individuals who enjoy finding the best insurances for you. As a foreign professional, it is important to be well-insured and we can assist you in arranging that.

From our office in Groningen we work independently and we negotiate with all insurers to find the best tailor-made solution for you. Our way of working may sometimes seem a bit unconventional, but we always have your best interest at heart. We simply believe that strictly following the protocol does not always give the best results for our clients.

We look forward to helping you any way we can!

Wij Verzekeren B.V.


Stationsweg 3E
9726 AC Groningen
+31 50 782 0934