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Fysiotherapie 90

Physiotherapy 90 is a practice for Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy with three locations across the city of Groningen. One of the most important characteristics of our approach is working together with our partners within the health industry, and it is for this reason, that general practitioners are an integral part of our practice.

We believe that quality is of utmost importance. We maintain a very high standard of care by ensuring that our professional knowledge is up to date and by having our physiotherapists focus on their own specific specialties.

We make use of well-equipped training spaces, and we can offer you the largest possible range of services.

This is what makes us a good partner for your healthcare needs and for supporting you in maintaining a healthy and fit body.

You can find us at three locations in the city of Groningen: the Healthcare Centre Paddepoel (Zonnelaan 26, 9742 BL Groningen), Healthcare Centre Hoendiep (Hoendiep 1, 9718 TA Groningen) and the Healthcare Centre Hoornsemeer (Schaaksport 132, 9728 PG Groningen).

Fysiotherapie 90


Zonnelaan 26
9742 BL Groningen
050 - 571 71 57


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