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27 July 2017

StudentArts extends health services to international employees and their families

Healthcare provider StudentArts in Groningen will start to extend its services to better meet needs of internationals. StudentArts is already serving many international students, but will now also welcome international employees and families.

Last year the International Welcome Center Northern Netherlands (IWCN) and H4i conducted a survey amongst the more than 15.000 internationals living in Groningen, into their needs and expectations for healthcare and their experiences with Dutch healthcare.

In line with earlier research done by H4i, less than a third of internationals in the region said that they trusted their doctor’s judgement and felt confident is his or her care.

IWCN and H4i discussed these results with various providers and found StudentArts to be best positioned to close the gap between the needs of internationals and Dutch healthcare.

As of July 31st internationals can register with StudentArts. At their first consultation, new patients will receive information about Dutch healthcare and there will be sufficient time for questions.

In the months to come, StudentArts will fine-tune its services for this new group of patients. After 6 months StudentArts, IWCN and H4i will jointly survey the experience of international patients, but in the meantime suggestions can be directed to info@studentarts.nl

About StudentArts
Since 2010 StudentArts is offering healthcare to students of the University of Groningen and the Hanzehogeschool, many of whom are international. StudentArts will now further extend its services to international employees and their families, taking into account their specific needs. StudentArts has a practice in Zernike and Hanze.

About H4i
Healthcare 4 internationals is a non-profit network of healthcare providers that aim to have Dutch Healthcare better meet the needs and expectations of patients with an international background. The network supports its members to innovate their healthcare services in close cooperation with the international community. Members exchange knowledge, practices and skills.