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28 June 2017

Inauguration new Honorary Consul Slovak Republic, Denisa Kasova

If any of you have visited our office recently, you might have noticed a few sign boards hanging on the outside of our glass walls. These sign boards represent official affiliations the IWCN has with other international representations in the Northern Netherlands. On Monday 26 June, the IWCN aquired another sign board, that of the official office of the Honorary Consul for the Slovak Republic, Denisa Kasova. Fifty guests attended the inauguration of Ms. Kasova as Honorary Consul at the IWCN, including Roman Bužek, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic, Joost van Keulen (Alderman of Groningen), Gerhard Poppema (the former Honorary Consul), Marco Out (Mayor of Assen), Karel Loohuis (Mayor of Hoogeveen) and many other dignitaries from companies, organizations, municipalities and provinces.

The sign board for the Slovak Republic now joins the shield of Lithuania on our walls. Lina Sotnicenkaite Van Kesteren, Honorary Consul for Lithuania, was the first Honorary Consul to be installed at the IWCN. There are 17 other Honorary Consuls in the Northern Netherlands who represent their (sometimes adopted) countries in the region, including Sweden, Belgium, Estonia, Republic of Korea, Denmark, Latvia, Norway, Iceland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Israel, France, Malta, Mauritania and Belarus. If your nationality is from one of these countries and you’d like to get in touch with your Honorary Consul, please contact the IWCN for contact details.

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